NOW or NEVER Palo Santo Pack NOW or NEVER Palo Santo Pack
NOW or NEVER Palo Santo Pack NOW or NEVER Palo Santo Pack

Palo Santo Pack

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Our Palo Santo pack contains 4 sticks of Palo Santo wood and a matchbook. 


Palo Santo, or "Holy Wood" has similar uses to Sage, such as: 


Removes negative energy
Drives away mosquitoes and insects 
Disinfects air
Used for relaxing the mind and body



1. Hold stick at a 45 degree angle, pointing down toward your match or lighter to ignite.

2. Allow flame to burn for 30 seconds to 1 minute and blow out, (the stick will begin to smoke).

3. Move around a space or room you would like to cleanse the energy of, or simply leave smoking stick on a fire proof plate or bowl.

4. Blow on the ember if you would like smoke to continue, otherwise smoke will eventually end on it’s own.


Burn with caution and do not leave unattended


Packaged in the USA


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